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The Nassau Report: Marley Resort

July 30th, 2011

Marley Resort - Nassau, Bahamas

While in Nassau I had the pleasure of exploring the city with my hosts and good friends T & R, who had just moved there a few weeks prior to my arrival.  Of the restaurants we dined at over the duration of my stay, only one was located in a resort. No, it wasn’t the Wyndham, or Sandals – it was the Marley Resort. A low-key but distinctive property in Nassau’s Cable Beach area, it’s full of Bob Marley memorabilia and laid-back charm, and from the friendly, easy-going staff to Marley’s music streaming endlessly through speakers, it’s impossible not to sit back and enjoy the easy life while you’re there. Drinks are strong, time is plentiful, and life is really good.

After we had a drink at the bar, we were seated in the dining room to place our orders, and I decided to take advantage of the remaining light to walk around and take some photos:

The entrance to Marley Resort’s gift shop.

Winding paths leading to the gallery…

…and then to the bar.

Sitting at the bar, you’ll notice that the entire counter is made of a beautiful stained glass.

The pool area, looking out over the ocean.

Upon my return to the dining room, there was a warm biscuit waiting for me and guava butter on the side. My favourite dish by far that night was the appetizer of I-tal Pepperpot Soup, a soup made with Caribbean leafy and root vegetables, coconut juice, and Scotch Bonnet peppers. Warm and hearty, with a spicy kick, it’s comfort food at its best and I would definitely have it again.

Next up was the main, for which I’d ordered duck breast, marinated in pineapple and rum. The skin would have benefited from some crisping, the fat should have been rendered out, and the duck needed a bit more salt, but the meat was tender and I could taste the work of the rum and pineapple marinade. When it comes to duck though, I’m a little spoiled – I’m accustomed to the muscovy duck breast from my local butcher, done just the way I like it in my own home with my custom blend of seasoning – so for me, this was only okay, and I would rework it by seasoning the duck breast very simply, rendering out the fat and crisping up the skin, making a spiced rum sauce with a bit of peppery heat, and incorporating the pineapple via thin, oven-dried slices.

For dessert, we had molten chocolate cake, with a scoop of rum raisin ice cream and fresh fruit. The cake itself was quite rich, but sadly, the center lacked the gooeyness I always look forward to in a molten cake.

All in all, it’s definitely worth going to Marley Resort, and you should at least wander the grounds and have a few drinks at the bar. It’s a very well kept property, and a bit further from the main tourist areas for a quiet and relaxed feel. If you want to really feel like you’ve gotten away from it all, this is the place to go in Nassau!

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