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“Baked Potato” Gougères

August 13th, 2015

Is there any better, more versatile comfort food than the humble potato? Whether baked, fried, mashed or any of the other infinite ways to prepare it – potatoes are to me like the warm embrace of a favorite childhood blanket – and even better, they clean up nice enough to take to a fancy party! […]

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Cheesy Mashed Potato Fritters

December 25th, 2012

Happy Holidays, everyone! I hope you’ve all been enjoying the company of your loved ones and gorging yourselves on lots of good food. This should have been entitled, “Some Days Are Just Not Meant For Making Aioli, and Other Experiments”. But then I realized I have fallen into the SEO trap of making titles straightforward […]

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Easter Dinner

April 22nd, 2011

Whenever a special occasion comes around (actually, this pretty much applies anytime) I am loathe to do exactly the same thing I have done before. My menus are often completely comprised of items I haven’t made before, or are at the very least new renditions of something I have previously done. For Easter this year […]

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