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Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

November 18th, 2011

It’s been a little while since I last checked in, and I can’t believe November is already more than half over. So here’s a recap of the first half:  bread baking, bread baking, birthday celebrations, gluttony, cold, birthday celebrations, gluttony, birthday celebrations, bread baking, gluttony, RAWF11, gluttony, and so on. Aside from the cold, it’s all been good!

My parents came up last weekend, and we spent a day at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. The last (and only previous) time I was there was a class trip way back in elementary school, but I remember my big-urban-city-bubble self being fascinated by the livestock and agricultural displays – and since I’m a big believer in understanding your food and where it comes from, I thought it would be fun to revisit. I was not disappointed.

My mother, a painter with a perennially childlike fascination with nature and living things, was thrilled to see the horses, sheep and other livestock and spent quite some time among the cages, stopping to take photos and greet a fellow artist she recognized from her studio sessions. My father was interested in the healthy living centre. And I was happy to take in most everything, including the stalls where small independent food producers showed and sold their wares. Here’s our RAWF11 haul, along with the special fair prices:

RAWF11 purchases

Clockwise from top left:
Tandy Leather Factory – sheepskin, on sale for $45! (I’ve seen this in stores for $99) The photo doesn’t do it justice; it’s incredibly thick and fluffy.
Dutchman’s Gold – buckwheat honey, $13
Poschaven Farms – buckwheat flour, $5
Purvis Fisheries – smoked trout and whitefish roe (on special, 4 for $15 since it was near the end of the fair)
Monforte Dairy – goat cheese curds, $5

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