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Port & Dark Roux Risotto with Pork, Figs & Bitter Greens

September 25th, 2013

Port & Dark Roux Risotto with Pork Belly, Figs & Bitter Greens

Fall arrives, and I become indulgent – craving rich meats and bold flavours, comfort foods and long meals at the table. And much as I adore these things, I’m not quite ready to give up summer, hanging onto every last vestige of its sticky-sweet goodness as it fades away. Thankfully, the softness of fall mantles and golden glow of turning leaves provide merciful solace and shield me from feeling too silly-sentimental. This happens every year, they sigh. You should be used to it by now.

Moving on, I console myself with the thought that all the fall recipe ideas I didn’t manage to bring to fruition last year are once again ripe for the trying, and they are plentiful. For example, this rich risotto, thickened just a touch with Kary’s Original Roux, scented with port and accompanied by tender braised pork belly, sweet figs and bitter kale is perfect comfort food, to be consumed at leisure with an equally comforting crowd. After all, that’s one of the best things about fall – the activities and occasions that bring us all together.

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Port & Dark Roux Risotto with Pork Belly, Figs & Bitter Greens

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