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On the Horizon: Mother’s Day

May 2nd, 2011

Mother's Day brunch 2011

A number of people have asked me how I started cooking. Believe me, I was not instantly successful at it – the first time I tried to cook something on my own, I set a pan on fire. What’s worse is that I was also attempting to make my mother breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day, and I panicked, ran up the stairs and got her to help me put out the fire. Not exactly the wake-up I had intended for her that day!

Due to work schedules and other obligations, my parents decided to visit us a week early for Mother’s Day. I was able this time to put together a meal with no unintentional fire (score one for me!), and a few of my mother’s favourite things.

The menu:
Earl Grey tea
Bacon-wrapped dates with caramelized balsamic and radish microgreens

Bacon-Wrapped Dates

Lobster Eggs Benny on a cheddar chive biscuit with sunflower sprouts

Lobster Eggs Benedict on Cheddar Chive Biscuits

Orange crème caramel with strawberries

Orange Crème Caramel

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