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Guajillo Chile-Crusted Duck Breast with a Tamarind Cherry Port Sauce

November 7th, 2012

Guajillo Chile Crusted Duck Breast with Tamarind Cherry Port Sauce

What does a gal want to eat on her birthday? If you’re anything like me, you’d be in heaven with a pan seared duck breast, cooked to medium rare on the inside, with a marvelously crispy skin. But duck breast is simple enough to make without having to wait for a special occasion – all it takes is a stainless steel or cast iron skillet, a little technique and a basic timer.

I had never encountered Guajillo chiles before I was sent a lovely little package in the mail from Marx Foods. If you’re thinking Habanero or Cayenne, think again – these are incredibly mild, just a smidge above the heat from a Jalapeno, but with wonderfully fruity, berry-like overtones. And since duck goes so well with berries and fruit, I thought it would be a perfect pairing. For the recipe and more on technique, click here! I’m so thrilled to be partnering with Marx via 37 Cooks – it’s been fun discovering new spices and ingredients and there’s plenty more to come. But in the meantime, Happy Birthday to me!

Guajillo Chile-crusted Duck Breast

(And nope! I’m not telling you how old I am.)

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