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Friends With Benefits: LP’s Fig Jam

September 3rd, 2012

LP's Homemade Fig Jam

You may remember the shrimp, polenta and roasted red pepper dish I made for a Slap Ya Mama Challenge earlier this summer. Well, we loved the challenge so much that we decided to keep going! We are now 37 Cooks and you can follow along with our adventures here. A fellow member of the 37 with a fig tree and a talent for canning was kind enough to send me a much coveted jar of her homemade fig jam and it is marvelous – enhanced with citrus peel and spices, it’s so good that I could eat it right out of the jar. Thanks, LP!

LP's Homemade Fig Jam

LP's homemade fig jam

2 Responses

  1. Sandra Simmons says:

    Sarah! That is a gorgeous photo! Tell me about that cool cheese!

  2. Dee says:

    That sure looks yummy and delightful!!

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