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Fizzy Champagne Truffles

January 15th, 2014

Fizzy Champagne Truffles

We’re only at the beginning of 2014, but so far it’s been a lovely year. And contrary to general expectation, things haven’t slowed down at all since the holidays. I’m friends with many January babies which means countless celebrations, and I’ve just begun a new position at work.

As nature would have it, I mark special occasions with food. So here’s an especially celebratory treat – a simple champagne truffle that fizzes ever so slightly when consumed. In my partnership with 37 Cooks, our current sponsor, The Spice House, sent us some delightful treats to play with – one of which was a jar full of odd, white granules. Incorporated into these truffles, they leave a subtly sparkling effect on your tongue.

For the recipe, click here!

May you have much to celebrate this year.

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