Last year, I hired some landscapers to take care of one of my most-hated home tasks: yard maintenance. When they had completed the first yard cleanup, I came home to see how lovely and trim everything was. But wait a minute – something was missing! It turned out I hadn’t informed them that I wanted […]

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Some foods are humble. Some are simple. Some are down-and-dirty, reserved only for late-night satisfaction. This beet braid is none [...]

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The Garden of Earthly Delights is about the things in this world, whether physical or immaterial, little or big, that make life a pleasure. It's about food, it's about style and design, it's about exploration and discovery, frivolity and decadence. But most importantly, it's about having fine company with which to enjoy these things. So, I hope to see you often, here in the Garden!

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